Windfall - Mid Wales Community Energy Trust

Windfall, c/o Ecodyfi,
Ty Bro Ddyfi, 52 Heol Maengwyn,
Machynlleth, Powys SY20 8DT
t: 01654 703965


Windfall collects a proportion of the revenue from energy generation in Mid Wales and redistributes it among local communities. This money is offered as grants for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to communities, householders, farmers, schools and businesses across Mid Wales. The basic income is supplemented through match funding from UK and EU sources to maximise the financial capacity of the scheme. Windfall (officially called the Mid Wales Community Energy Trust or MWCET) is a not-for-profit company set up specifically to fulfil these aims.

Communities who use Windfall will benefit from the well-established technical and financial management capability of The Trust in developing and supporting sustainable energy projects throughout Mid Wales. For energy generators and utilities companies, wishing to demonstrate their financial commitment to the communities in which they operate, Windfall offers a complete off-the-shelf package to take on the responsibility of planning, management and delivery of community benefits from wind.

For the first time across Mid Wales, there is now a dedicated central point for the distribution of funding to sustainable energy projects.


Sponsored by the Wales Environment Trust Sponsored by Potters Waste Management Sponsored by Entrust

Windfall Community Projects

Kick-started with money from NPower Renewables and ENTRUST, Windfall secured 104,000 for its first projects in 2005. The communities of Carno, Caersws and Trefeglwys will enjoy the benefits of energy saving and renewable energy systems such as solar water heating, wood energy and photovoltaics. Community energy surveys, training of project champions, technical feasibility studies and provision of educational materials for schools and community centres are all part of this scheme.

Building on this early success, Windfall will extend its operation to deliver benefits to other communities across Mid Wales, and can offer itself to current and potential energy generators as the vehicle for delivering community benefits from renewable energy.

The Mid Wales Community Energy Trust (MWCET), otherwise known as Windfall, is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee and is applying for charitable status with the Charities Commission. It was incorporated in December 2004. Registered Company no. 5314240. Click here to download a copy of our Mems and Arts.